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86 Pine Valley Ln
Newport Beach, CA, 92660
United States


We create highly realistic, immersive and emotionally engaging Virtual Reality Content.

Grand Canyon High Resolution 1_0.jpg

The Grand Canyon In Full Interactive Virtual Reality

The Grand Canyon VR Experience takes users on a beautiful and serene kayak trip into the heart of this natural wonder, allowing consumers to experience nature in all its splendor using fully interactive virtual reality.


Note : This VR Experience requires an Oculus Rift or an HTC Vive with the latest drivers installed


  • A VR-FIRST Experience designed for maximum immersion

  • Explore the beauty and splendor of the Grand Canyon via kayak (seated) or paddle-board (standing)

  • Vivid, living world populated with procedural generation of animal life driven by artificial intelligence 

  • Help us make this one of the most realistic and immersive VR titles available! 


  • Explore the river at various speeds using motion-controllers to paddle

  • Realistic water physics 

  • Interact with the wild-life 

  • Many more mechanics in the works


  • Regular updates with new features and bug fixes 

  • Influence future development and features


With patch 1.05 Immersive Entertainment adds HTC Vive support to the Grand Canyon VR Experience.


Actually one of the few VR experiences I’ve ever had that’s close to a Disney dark ride experience.
— VRLA 2015 Attendee

The Grand Canyon VR Experience @ VRLA

"The Grand Canyon VR Experience is based on Unreal Engine 4 and although the graphics are very striking, stands more in the sound effect as ambient sounds have been cared with exquisite care: birds, rebound of water against the rocks , frogs jumping into the water ... "(Translated) - (Article)

"One obvious application of VR technology is to virtually recreate real-world locations, so that those who don’t have the ability, time, or resources to physically visit a far-away destination can do so from their couch. So here we are with one of the first examples of such a “game”, and the response has been positive. I’m talking about The Grand Canyon VR Experience." - Brian Hamby, October 10, 2015 (Article)





"The fact that the Kayak tips with your head movement in the VR HMD is just GREAT! Love that feeling of affecting my movement in such a simple way. ...overall I was impressed with the visual and sound quality of what is available so far! Hope to see the project continue into development and excited for the potential! THE WATERFALL GOT ME! I knew full well that I was in a VR but approaching the waterfall I really was in AWE by how realistic the water looked and sounded as it approached! Very well done! I felt the need to duck thinking I was about to get soaked...If you enjoy nature and VR experiences then definitely check this one out!" - RealityCheck

Really good experience with oculus rift. Ran smooth as butter on epic settings with my i7 4790k and gtx 980ti and looked really nice to boot!

The water oh man so serene and relaxing. I really wanted to put my hand in the water and at one point i extended my hands outward in an attempt to do so lol. 

Totally recommend to anyone who enjoys a vr experience that has to do with nature. Only gripe was that it's too short! But Im hoping they will add more seeing how it's early access. Worth 10 dollars as is imo. - Porter

"Absolutely incredible. Now, to be fair, on my (pretty good) system I experienced a lot of judder and black smear / right eye vsync issues on my DK2, but I fault the young technology and my own setup, not the devs of this game, for that. This was a very impressive demonstration of the future of VR experiences. I may actually have my parents over and make them strap on my Rift to see this. 10/10." - Addison

"Some of the best water and sky I have seen in a game or VR...the sun lighting is probably the most realistic I have seen" - Wovenlair

Very relaxing game to experience in the DK2. I have a friend who has done multiple rafting trips down the grand and he raves about it. This gives me a taste of that. :) - Valk

"There's one thing that comes to my mind: Detail. The sheer amount of detail put into the environment is stunning. The textures look incredible, geometry is great, all coupled with procedural AI animals that react to the environment naturally, AND in VR? That's too much for one person to ask for a small purchase. But the game delivers big time on it's promise: Being a nice relaxing, while still engaging, experience. And the kayak freaking tips when you lean over the side!" - Hoopermation

This is one of the better VR experiences I've had so far. The graphics are pretty damn good and the devs did a great job setting the mood in the virtual canyon :) I can honestly say for once I took off the DK2 more relaxed than when I put it on. EasyRider