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We create highly realistic, immersive and emotionally engaging Virtual Reality Content.

Immersive Entertainment: A Key VR Content Player According to Manatt Digital Media and Fast Company


Immersive Entertainment: A Key VR Content Player According to Manatt Digital Media and Fast Company

Immersive Entertainment


Southern California-based Immersive Entertainment has had a busy couple of weeks.

On the heels of closing a rapid Angel Round, led by the nation's leading Angel investment network, Tech Coast Angels, Immersive Entertainment last week announced the release of the open BETA of its first commercial product, The Grand Canyon VR Experience. The title is available now for purchase on the Steam Network (

Early reviews have been excellent, with players enjoying an alternative to 360-degree video and pure gaming titles:

"Actually one of the few VR experiences I’ve ever had that’s close to a Disney dark ride experience.”

"Absolutely incredible ... This was a very impressive demonstration of the future of VR experiences. I may actually have my parents over and make them strap on my Rift to see this. 10/10."

"The sheer amount of detail put into the environment is stunning. The textures look incredible, geometry is great, all coupled with procedural AI animals that react to the environment naturally, AND in VR? That's too much for one person to ask..."

Now, just days after its first release, Immersive Entertainment is featured as a key content player in VR according to a recent Fast Company article citing data from Manatt Digital Media. Noted players such as Jaunt, Oculus, Magic Leap, NextVR and AltspaceVR are also featured.

"The team is excited and humbled to be included as part of this ecosystem." said Co-Founder and CEO Ciaran Foley. "This would not have happened without the courage of a small group of Southern California-based investors who had the vision to invest in us. Led by Angel investor Grant Van Cleve, these investors stepped forward to help us recognize the opportunity we all believe this industry represents."

Founder Jeroen Van den Bosch added, "Many of the companies listed include people we know and work with - they're our friends. It is an honor to be among one of the first breaking new ground in such a game-changing field. Our job is to continue to deliver the type of quality that draws gamers and non-gamers to VR and we're thankful for the opportunity."

The team plans to make announcements soon regarding additional DK2, HTC Vive and Samsung Gear VR Content being developed.


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About Immersive Entertainment, Inc.

Immersive Entertainment is an emerging industry leader in the implementation of fully immersive Virtual Reality content targeted at Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality markets. For more information about Immersive Entertainment, visit or call (949)424-2926.

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Tech Coast Angels is the largest angel investor group in the United States, possessing more than 300 members in five networks in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Central Coast, and the Inland Empire. Its members provide funding and guidance to more early-stage, high-growth companies in Southern California than any other investment group.

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