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86 Pine Valley Ln
Newport Beach, CA, 92660
United States


We create highly realistic, immersive and emotionally engaging Virtual Reality Content.

John Root



John has over 20 years of feature film and game development experience.  As a respected pioneer in the field, John has developed virtual production pipelines for many of the leading companies in these industries, including id software (“RAGE,” “QUAKE”), Epic Games (“Unreal,” “Gears of War”), Digital Domain (“Benjamin Button,” Tupac Hologram), and ImageMovers Digital (“A Christmas Carol,” “Mars Needs Moms”). 

After working as the motion capture lead for Robert Zemeckis, John was engaged to write the book on motion capture for the Visual Effects Society.  His knowledge and expertise in the field of human facial animation earned him a seat on the Faceware Advisory Board.  As an industry pioneer, he serves on the Virtual Production Committee and sits on the Board of Directors as a founding member of the Motion Capture Society.  

John’s primary specialty is enabling world-class storytellers, directors and cinematographers to work in the digital medium.  His work can be found in many of the highest-rated and highest-earning video games, films and digital entertainment.