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86 Pine Valley Ln
Newport Beach, CA, 92660
United States


We create highly realistic, immersive and emotionally engaging Virtual Reality Content.

Grand Canyon Experience goes BETA




Grand Canyon Experience goes BETA

Immersive Entertainment

We are excited to announce that our Grand Canyon Experience has officially gone BETA. Virtual Reality, as both an industry and technology is still very much nascent, so challenges abound in the development of high quality titles. Both software and hardware are in their infancy. This provides a rich opportunity for developers to prove their mettle, especially when it comes to pushing the boundaries of realism and framerate in VR.

Actual in-game footage. No photoshop used.

Actual in-game footage. No photoshop used.

We are extremely proud of our team and look forward to revealing future iterations, but for now, you can catch us at this year's SIGGRAPH2015, where we have been invited to participate as a part of VR Village (August 9th-13th) or sign up to become an early BETA tester by signing up here.